Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

So I think I got the best mother's day present this week. On her third day of e-stim with her Occupational Therapist, Maggie finally started to show some reaction to the stimulation. You'll see in this video her neck pop up when the stimulation is on.

This next video is a few hours later with her Physical Therapist in our backyard. Maggie is not connected to the machine. In the background the therapist is bending her own neck to the side and then brings it up and asks Maggie to mimic her. And she does! Watch:

What does this all mean? It means that a) Maggie does not have nerve damage b) she does have function in that weak muscle c) hopefully with a lot of therapy and the brace and unconventional treatments like this Maggie will actually be able to hold her head up one day!

In the beginning of the week, when I was feeling so discouraged about it all, Maggie's OT sent an email out to all of her colleagues asking for any other creative suggestions to help Maggie. One person emailed back and asked if Maggie was in Speech Therapy. (She is, but they mostly focus on feeding). Her reasoning was that we need to get Maggie really good at one thing. "Like to boost her confidence?" I asked jokingly. But, yes, that was her reasoning! I lauged it off but after seeing Maggie totally understand what her Physical Therapist is asking of her, I totally get it. The more Maggie can understand and communicate about what she is feeling and doing, the better we can help her. I just feel like it is such a breakthrough that she understands "hold your head up."

I know, as the therapists have reminded me over and over, we have to be careful not to push her too hard because she is going to be really tired (and we don't want to give her a complex!). But, wow, what an encouragement this week and answer to prayer that, yes, there is hope that Maggie will hold her head up on her own one day!

Thank you for continuing to pray.

And here's one more video from this afternoon. You can see everyone is excited about this new developement:


  1. YAY!!!!!! That made me want to cry too! Sweet Maggie! She's doing so great! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!

  2. Oh Lee that last clip made me laugh out loud at their joy and honestly brought tears to my eyes!! The best mother's day present ever- and just the encouragement and hope you've been praying for! Such wonderful news- I am overjoyed for you all!

  3. OH MY GOSH! THAT IS AWESOME! I am so happy for her and mostly for you!!! :) Best Mother's Day gift ever! And she is super cute! Yea!!! That is just so great! i know you are so encouraged! Praying it continues! You are fighting so hard for her! Thankful for this encouragement!

  4. Yay!!! Maggie looks so proud of herself too! What a breakthrough and a ray of sunshine and encouragement! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Love that the E-stim is working so well for miss Maggie!!!!! That second video made my day on Friday, I can't wait to see the progress she continues to make. Happy Mother's Day Lee!

  6. I love these, Lee! That is so encouraging!!! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. I'm just so so so excited!!! Tears for sure, and so thrilled that God blessed you with perseverance, and Maggie too! And the awesome therapist who was willing to try it! Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Yay! I am so excited. What an answer to prayer!