Monday, October 17, 2011

Nov 3rd surgery

Maggie's surgery is scheduled for November 3rd in Atlanta. I am so excited but also so nervous as this is the last "thing" that could supposedly help her neck. And there's no consensus that it will. But most agree that we have to try something before it gets worse and is forever contracted and Justin and I are on board with that.

Maggie is no doubt a mysterious medical case- things with her are not as clearcut as I wish they were. I got a call from the surgeon's assistant today that he wants us to see a neurosurgeon in Atlanta before he does the surgery. This will be the 4th neurosurgeon she's seen - which is a little crazy if you think about. I know he wants to be 100% sure before he performs the surgery that nothing is going on neurologically that would cause her neck issues. I'm glad he's thorough, but of course I'm a little unnerved that he wasn't satisfied with the reports from the neurosurgeons here...

Every time I think about it I'm praying for this surgery. I don't want Maggie to struggle with this anymore, to be in pain, and or to get strange looks when we're out in public. I want to know if she can swallow and eat better with her neck straight. I want her to have a normal childhood as possible.

We need prayers for protection and healing, for the surgeon's nimble hands, and the anesthesiologist's good judgement, and for strength for Justin and me. We are praying that she doesn't get sick before the surgery, and that it will go on as planned on November 3rd. And lastly, for a quick and remarkable recovery for Maggie. Her birthday is the day after surgery and we have big plans to celebrate the wonderful results in her hospital room!

Please and thank you for your prayers, friends.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

First steps

Okay this is not that exciting for moms of normally developing children. But for a child that is constantly off balance and dizzy, not to mention unbelievably tight in her legs, this is pretty huge so I had to post:)

YouTube Video
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