Friday, June 15, 2012


If anyone has seen me around lately and thought to themselves that I look a little "rounder" around the edges, well you're right. I'm particularly round around the middle because we are expecting! Baby is due around the holidays.

Yes, we've kept it quiet for a while. I think because I'm scared to get too excited. As much as I wanted a "normal" and "happy" pregnancy after Maggie, let's face it, it's probably not going to happen after such a traumatic experience. As a precaution doctors have me on strict orders not to lift anything heavy, including Maggie (that was fun with her broken foot and five pound halo...) and to basically "take it easy." In other words, walking down the street to a neighbor's house makes me feeling like I've done too much. Then I spend the next hour worrying that I've ruined everything!

The thing is that, despite every test imaginable, doctors cannot really say why PPROM happened to me. It was most likely a fluke. So that kind if makes all these "precautions" a little more maddening (although I am glad for them if that makes any sense!)

I know, I know. I've written so much about God's sovereignty and His perfect plan. And I do believe it. Everyday I have to push myself to pray all these things out...especially now that I am about the same gestation that I was when my water broke with Maggie. (Hard to believe that happened at 14 weeks?)

I know this baby is in God's hands no matter what happens, just like Maggie was and is. But oh how I pray for a healthy and easy pregnancy and healthy baby after this is all over!

Anyways, we are are so thankful and so excited and wanted to share the news ...


  1. Congratulations, Lee!!! I am so excited for y'all! I'll be praying that the Lord fills you with His peace throughout the entire pregnancy!!!

  2. I've been following your blog for a little while now. I am definitely cheering for you for this next pregnancy. I haven't managed to get enough courage to attempt another pregnancy since my pprom give me strength to go forward and attempt it all again.

    You girls are just beautiful:) Fingers crossed for this next pregnancy to go as smooth as possible!