Sunday, August 8, 2010

recent pics

Our little patriot at the 4th of July of parade.
At first, she hated the sleepy wrap (I think cause she was so small) but now she loves it!It is a great replacement if you don't want to use a sling anymore. And can be worn many different snuggly ways,
Is this a problem???

First trip to the movies, Toy Story 2 - and she lasted the whole time. Maggie, on the other hand, last 10 minutes.

The OT made this neck mold that straps on her shoulder and under her arm. It helps her strengthen the left side of her neck and body so she can hold her head up better.She won't be able to sit up by herself until we get this neck thing worked out!
Wearing my dress that I had when I was her age...

Getting fitted for her helmet - pretty neat how they do it with a 360 degree camera instead of a clay mold like they used to!

Our little cap burglar! I swiped one of these caps they used to keep her hair down while they took  the picutre because I just had to show Justin how hilarious she looked. I know, I know, it's cruel of me to do that to her, but I swear she did not even cry when we put it on. She's so used to annoying these poking and prodding her, this is nothing. (By the way, that's Justin's wallet on her lap to give people a sense of how big - or small!- she is.)

ML had "Zoo camp" this week and loved it...

Sweet sisters....


  1. You have 2 beautiful daughters!!! I'm so glad that ML is enjoying some fun camps and outings and that Maggie seems to be responding well to some of the therapies!

  2. your girls are too cute. maggie looks like such a happy baby! i mean, i know you're not going to post pics of the rough moments, but her smile is priceless! ML in your dress is precious, and maggie in her stocking cap is hilarious. she will kill you for that some day!

  3. Great pictures Lee! Hope you had a great trip last week!

  4. Just wanted you to know that we prayed for you all in Sunday School this week - we miss you!

    - Catherine Richards

  5. Such a cute posting...I love all the sweet pictures of your girls! I don't know if I have ever commented before, but I read your blog all the time :) I always admire how strong you are with everything you have been through. Your blog is an encouragement to all moms. Love, Lana (from A Mother's Heart...I hope you remember me!)