Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cell Phone Photos

I'm on the plane back to Little Rock and thought it'd be a good time to update with some recent pictures.

Mary Lawrence on assembly line throwing in mac and cheese mixes at our church's annual Christmas food packing drive. She loved it!

Mags watched in her stroller!

-going to church! It's still just Justin or me taking ML to church since we still can't take Maggie. Hopefully in the Spring we can start!

My sweet nephews (secret to making them go to sleep: put them in their Buzz Lightyear sleeping bags.)

Maggie getting ready to be covered in casting stuff (seems like paper- at Scottish Rite. I wanted to take a photo of her all casted up but thought that would be a tad cruel.

This is what my child looks like after being fitted for a brace for 3 hours today. Torture!! (And it didn't even fit right in the end so we have to go back!)

This is what my three year old looks like at the end of that appointment. She got so mad at the prosthetics lady bc Maggie was screaming so much. "Stop! She doesn't like that!" she yelled as she tried wiggling between Maggie and the awful looking brace.

More to come...
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  1. That is so sweet that ML is looking out for her little sister! Bless y'all and I'm still praying for you always.

    Merry Christmas Lee,