Friday, December 17, 2010


My sister has been suffering all week from a rare complication of the gallbladder removal surgery she had Monday. She's back in the hospital for the third time this week and has been in excruciating pain that not even morphine helps. I came last night from Dallas to help take care of her three boys. She'd probably be embarrassed if she knew I was writing about her on my blog. Even still, I humbly ask all you prayer warriors out there to remember Neely and Patrick tonight in your prayers...

Ever since I sat down in the terminal last night - waiting anxiously for my delayed plane- I have felt such a heaviness on my chest. It's like the Enemy is smothering me with a pillow and I'm gasping for breath, my hands flailing in the air for help...I've not yet succumbed to the lack of oxygen, but feel I am almost there.

Why, Lord, must my family keep suffering so? Why is this happening to my sister who has already endured so much? My poor mother who has watched both of her daughters suffer such physical pain?

I am praying for complete healing for Neely, wisdom for her doctors, and strength for my family. Thank to all for letting me share this with you.

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  1. Praying and hurting for Neely and your family. Please keep us posted.