Saturday, August 6, 2011

Answered Prayer

Maggie has been doing so well on her homemade formula. She is no longer gagging, and rarely throws up. If she does, she's able to "recover" so to speak. Before we had to feed her six ounces of formula over two hours- that's not even a full baby bottle. Now we can feed her that same amount in 15 minutes. I cannot express how huge this development is!

Furthermore, we have seen an amazing transformation in a child who just a week ago refused ALL foods, to a child who is now actually interested in eating. Her mouth is so weak and underdeveloped from a year of not using it, so she's not swallowing much of the food she puts in her mouth. But as you can see from the video below, when we offered her mashed up lasagna last night she totally understood what she was supposed to do with it. And was actually trying to self-feed!

I feel like we've made six months of feeding therapy gain in one week. It surely has to do with the fact that she must feel so much better with real food in her stomach. And I assume the homemade formula has made a huge difference in her GERD. Honestly, I am dumfounded at this dramatic change and can only give thanks for this answered prayer.

What a joy it was so see Mary Lawrence's reaction last night during our usual "Maggie" prayers to 'heal her neck and help her stop throwing up.' I opened my eyes and said, "Mary Lawrence, God has answered one of our prayers: Maggie's not throwing up anymore! See, God really does answer our prayers!" Her eyes got really big as she nodded her head in disbelief and stared at the ceiling. I could see her little mind trying to grasp our big God. Then she just looked at me with the biggest smile and started giggling. For the first time she was experiencing the wonder of our magnificent Creator, who answers even the prayers of a four year old little girl. It was a moment I'll never forget.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, too. Enjoy!:

YouTube Video

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  1. Yea! Yea! Yea! Best news! Love it!!

  2. Such great news! Hallelujah!! Praying that the progress continues and it just keeps getting better and better!

  3. AWESOME!!!! So proud of you and Maggie, praise God!

  4. great news, lee! praying that the next weigh-in is encouraging. yay for maggie!!!

  5. OH I AM JUST SO SO SO EXCITED!!!! What a huge answer to prayer, and I am crying watching her video in my office! Oh, Lee, I will keep praying, and am so so thrilled!!! Amidst all the world craziness this week, what a HUGE HUGE answer that our God is big enough and does work mightily!!