Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surgery Today

Maggie was under anesthesia for three hours today having a hearing test, tubes put in, and a muscle biopsy. I was under the impression that the muscle biopsy was a tiny incision, but no, Maggie has a 3 inch incision on her thigh (which is like her whole thigh!) Poor baby is not feeling well tonight. I've been holding her all day, and am now rocking her while listening to old hymns on my phone and typing this in the dark.

I wanted to thank everyone for the prayers. I wanted to especially thank my dear friends who are always so supportive on days like this. I am very aware that everyone has their own struggles and issues with their children. Just because my child's issues are more pungent doesn't mean they are more important than someone else's. I know we get a lot of attention, and I hope I never come across as not caring about others as they have cared for me, because I deeply do.

In the waiting room at 5:50 this morning.

PS: In the past we never worried about Maggie being hungry after going without food all night (for anesthesia). She just never cared. Today, however, she saw the veggie puffs in my bag and started screaming hysterically for "cheetos" and "water"! It was so pitiful, yes, but it also made me happy that she is feeling hunger and wants to eat!

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