Thursday, November 3, 2011

Surgery update

After a five hour delay, Maggie had her surgery and everything went well. The doctor said her muscle was so overtaken with scar tissue - probably from how she was positioned in the womb with no fluid- that he said all the PT and OT in the world wouldn't have helped. So the surgery was definitely necessary.

The craniofacial surgeon and the new neurosurgeon we saw yesterday both agree this might not fix her completely. They saw a tiny fracture in her neck that is probably contributing to the problem as well that might require further surgery. Hopefully not though! For now they are making a collar/brace for her to retrain her neck to grow straight. She'll have to wear it all the time. And we will come back to Atlanta for further evaluation in a month.

We feel like we've finally found the right doctors and are so hopeful that we will see a dramatic difference in the next few days. Thank you all for praying!



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