Monday, November 14, 2011


Maggie is getting used to her brace, but certainly doesn't love it and often asks us to "take off." It's hard to resist her pitiful request, but we are doing our best to leave it on 24/7. We do take it off for therapy, which we are doing everyday now. Her therapists have noticed a good difference in her range of motion which is good.

Maggie is not back to her normal self after surgery and a bout with the stomach bug, but hopefully she will be soon! She is definitely walking more steps and having better balance with the brace which is great.

We go back to Atlanta in 5 weeks to check in with both doctors and see if they think the brace alone will retrain her or if she needs further treatments or surgeries. I definitely have accepted that this will probably be a long process, which is hard to digest when all I want is to be done with all this! But at the same time I'm so thankful we are starting when she's two years old and with wonderful doctors.

Thank you for all your prayers these past few weeks.

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  1. Sounds like Maggie is making great strides, which must be so affirming for you guys and those doctors! Baby steps on the road to a brace-free, balance-full toddler. Hugs to you!