Friday, February 3, 2012

Good news!

Maggie gained 1 pound in the last 10 days! That is huge for us so thank you for the prayers. It wouldn't have happened without my sweet husband whom I talked into doing a 5th (very late night) feeding to get in some extra calories. That coupled with a healthy Maggie=weight gain!

In other news, in my desperation to build up muscle strength and induce peer pressure to help her neck, I signed Maggie up for Little Gym and swimming lessons in addition to the 5 therapy sessions we get each week. This goes against everything I believe as a parent (i.e. don't overdo it with too many activities) but that just all goes out the window when all those things are truly good for her. Or at least they are right now. Swimming has been so wonderful for her upper body strength. Little Gym is a whole new world if socialization and adventure for Maggie; she is a little hesitant but willing to try anything. I'm sure the other parents wonder why I'm bringing a child with a neck brace to a gym class, but oh well!

Other good news is Maggie is talking in full sentences. She had a feeding evaluation today and the therapist couldn't believe that she was only two and talking so well. This was refreshing because usually these evaluations are so discouraging because she's so delayed in other areas. One of the sentences she's said recently:

"Mommy, (when looking at a picture of a volcano) what happened to the volcano? It's hot- don't touch; ka boom!, it exploded mommy."

How thankful we are for our talkative geologist!

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  1. Wonderful news! You are doing such a great job!