Monday, January 23, 2012

TV manipulation

I'm probably the only person who finds this video both fascinating and maddening, but here it is anyway. You can hear us in the background threatening to turn the tv off so she will hold her head up, and she does! If anyone knows how to translate this into full time head holding please tell me:) We already do all the typical PT and OT strengthening and stretching exercises. We have got about 6 weeks until the halo goes on.

P.S. "Caca" is what Maggie calls her nurse Jessica (I know it's a bad word in Spanish but oh well).

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  1. So I'm not an OT but I am an engineer and it seems to me that some sort of device she could wear that surrounds her head but doesn't touch it when her neck is straight could work. The idea would be that when she stops holding her head up it hits the side of the device and creates an annoying noise/sensation that prompts her to make her neck straight again like in the video. Basically like the halo but not actually holding her head up but powered to respond on contact - kind of like a cross between a halo and something like this: