Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well another trip to the ER this weekend- at least this time it was for a normal childhood issue. Maggie fractured her foot and definitely wins the award for the most pitiful looking child. I don't even want to say how it happened, because it's so embarrassing, but I know everyone will wonder:

You know how your children always like to be right next to you, like little ducklings almost following you everywhere? Well I was fiddling around in the closet and didn't hear Maggie sneak up behind me. I stepped back out of the closet on her foot and, being in her brace, she was very unsteady and fell really awkwardly (she was also wearing un-supportive sandals-also dumb on my part). I knew when she fell that it was bad. She screamed like I've never heard before- which told me it was serious because she is so tough to begin with.

I held her crying in that spot for about 30 minutes, praying that it wasn't broken and that I would have enough strength to go through another ER visit.
Luckily, the ER only took about four hours and was not that bad. ML got her standard graham crackers and apple juice with the peel back lid and Maggie sat in my arms and played with the annoying tv remote attached to the bed. It was pretty routine. I guess there's something about having a medical issue that can be diagnosed and solved almost immediately that is so much less stressful!!

Don't get me wrong- I beat myself up about it ( and Justin gave me a hard time, of course). But thankfully it's just a tiny fracture and she's going to be okay...

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  1. Maggie - and all of you - look wonderful! Just checking in to see how things are going. Pool Therapy sounds perfect for the whole family.
    Love all of you! Marcia