Friday, May 3, 2013

Coach versus Cheerleader

I feel like I am Maggie's coach and it's Spring training everyday of the year for her. With the amount of therapy "exercises" she requires on a daily basis to progress it's hard not get into the mode of constantly pushing and challenging her to do more and to do better.

I realize, however, that some days I just need to be the mother in the stands cheering her on. On rare days like this past Saturday at Maggie's dance recital I was able to put my coaching duties aside and be that kind of mom. I have never seen Maggie so happy and so proud- she had so much fun!

As for the parents who were told that their little baby may not ever walk or live a normal life, well, Justin and I had to hold it together through her routine and not let our tears get the best of us. We were so proud of the hardest-working three year old we know...and knowing that she can keep up with her peers (for the most part) is such a sweet gift.

Video from her rehearsal...Jumping up and down for most three year olds is easy, but this is quite hard for Maggie with her weakness and balance issues. She and her therapist have been working hard and you can tell.

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