Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Give me a Break

I'm sorry, am I supposed to feel sorry that the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are being tube fed as a result of their ongoing hunger strike? People are so outraged about it. Give me a break... This is how I fed my six month old preemie who was less than 12 pounds. Nobody was outraged about that.

Go to any NICU or feeding therapy facility and half the children are fed this way. It kept my baby alive and I was thankful for it, no matter how horrible it was to insert that slippery tube up through her nose and down into her stomach (and witness way more gagging than Mos Def endured). At least those prisoners have medical professionals to do it...I was a sleep-deprived and desperate mom doing this in the middle of night. If my preemie who was literally wasting away before my eyes can handle it, I'm sure those grown men - who also happen to be terrorists - can, too.

Yeah, no sympathy here.

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  1. Hi . A friend of mine had found your blog and alot of what you went through sounds like what we are going through with my son.. I would love to talk if you get a chance and can email me Klezmommy@gmail.com thanks so much!!