Friday, July 12, 2013

Maggie's Week in Instagram

A while back someone commented to me how much better Maggie has gotten with time. And I wanted to say, but I didn't, that it wasn't time that made her better. It was her hard work and sheer determination to do things other children do. There is NO way Maggie would be where she is today without all the therapy she has endured over the years (and the goodness of God!).

While she looks really good and does things most children do, what nobody sees is that Maggie still has about seven appointments a week- two physical therapy appointments, two speech, one occupational, one aquatic and add on there one doctor appointment and that's usually a pretty normal week. Of course, that doesn't include the twice a day (painful) stretching and twice a day (exhausting) strengthening exercises we do at home without the therapists, plus the taking on and off of braces and let's not forget the practice of eating.

I instagrammed a week of therapy and appointments this past week because I wanted to document how hard this child works. In fact, we call it "Maggie's work."
And it never stops.

We are so proud of her and often forget she is only three and a half years old because she is so mature and aware after all she has gone through. Most three year olds would not do well spending their weeks doing all that she does...

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  1. What a truly strong child she is! And what a special family she was miraculously blessed into!