Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainy, Happy Day

The rain came down today in Dallas like is hasn't done in a while. It was so refreshing and a great day to stay  inside and cuddle up with my precious girls.  I was kind of glad that my babysitter called in sick today. I didn't have to rush around town today trying to catch up on dry cleaning and grocery shopping. My house is a wreck and toys are scattered everywhere, but I don't care. All I have wanted is for our lives to get back to a somewhat normal life and that is what I got today - time just hanging out with my girls . . . making lunch, playing on the floor, and cuddling up to Caps for Sale, Mary Lawrence's new favorite book. It is days like today when I just want to thank God over and over for my children. Nothing gives me greater joy than spending time with them.

Thankfully, Mary Lawrence is back to her normal self and Maggie has not come down with the stomach bug. She is a little sore and cries when you hold her in a way that is uncomfortable to her stomach, but other than that, she is healing great.

Funny thing is that she gulped down her entire bottle the past two mornings, leaving Justin and me chuckling. Really, Maggie, you just had a tube cut into your stomach because you didn't eat and now you decide to eat?!! I'm not really stressing about it because I know she is flaky when it comes to food and tomorrow she probably won't put the bottle to her mouth. Who knows...maybe the stress relief we have all felt with the tube has eased her up a bit. We'll see. I know we made the right decision, though, because of the pure satisfaction that we feel when we are able to pump her full of high calorie formula through the tube. Just knowing that she is going to be a little chubber in a few months brings a smile to my face. And knowing that if she does get sick this winter season, we have this wonderful thing called a g-button to feed her and give her medicines to her.

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