Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Surgery Over!

Maggie's surgery went well- so thank you so much for praying. The only complication was that it took them a long time to get her sedated because they couldn't get the IV in so she has little prick marks all over her hands and arms. (Reminds me of when I was in the hospital and four different nurses and NPs tried to stick me until finally the anesthesiologist had to be paged to do it). Other than that, the button was placed and her lungs did great so that's an answered prayer.

However, she has been in more post-op pain than I thought she would be. I thouggt they would give her a lot of pain meds to keep her comfortable but she's definitely not comfortable and they don't want to give her any more morphine cause of her CLD, I think because it can cause respiratory distress. But it's been really hard to watch her suffer and I haven't been able to comfort her very well.

We will probably be here 2-3 days depending on how well she heals. We also will have some education on how to care for her button and wound; it takes about 8 weeks to heal completely.

Poor little baby is so sweet just laying here in her hospital bed, waking herself up every few minutes to cry or moan. I just can't wait to take her home....

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  1. Glad the surgery went well!!!! Praying for her pain and for you and Justin as you continue caring for sweet Maggie!

  2. I will be praying for Maggie's pain to subside and that her wound heals well. Lots of love to you all.