Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hope for Today

Sorry for the bad attitude yesterday! I'm over it now. I think it just discouraging to work so hard to help my child's issue and it still looks so bad that people keep pointing it out to me. It's as if everything we have done over the past year has been a useless, waste of time.

And it's just a reminder that Maggie looks different than other children. Through my eyes she's completely normal and beautiful, but a stranger off the street sees her differently. I'm not going to lie, that's hard for a mother.

I will say that God has brought some words of encouragement from several people this week and that has really uplifted me. One person was from England! She found my blog through the PPROM list serve that I'm on and told me that her three year old son had a very similar situation as Maggie. And I've never met anyone with a very similar situation as Maggie! She prom'd early too and her son miraculously lived, but suffered severe torticollis from being in the womb with no fluid. She said her son's head is just now getting straight at 3 years old after several Botox injections and lots of therapy. Really her email was such a God-sent thing! There is hope that Mags can get better!

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