Thursday, April 14, 2011

ML's 4th birthday

Yesterday was Mary Lawrence's 4th birthday and I think her best present was this (besides Polly Pocket's pool, of course):

Now she doesn't chew or swallow but she is interested and that is a HUGE step. A speech therapist told me children with feeding issues usually start out eating Cheetos or Doritos due their strong taste. I don't care if all she eats is processed junk food the rest of her life - as long as she eats someday!!

And of course we all know where the girls get their love of cheese from...
We took ML to Mi Cocina for her birthday and then off to the movies...

It was a great day for a special girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mary Lawrence!

    One of Izzy's first favorite foods was nacho cheese doritos. She ate tons of junk and now they can't get her to stop eating. She just started school and they asked my sister to pack more food for Izzy. CRAZY! We never thought that would happen. That will be Maggie one day!

  2. Happy Birthday, ML!
    Lee, Maggie is so adorable! She reminds me of Rainer trying to share her food with you. She looks very proud of herself - she is big stuff!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Mary Lawrence!!! And way to go Maggie for gumming on some cheetos puffs -- those suckers are awesome! Great week Lee!