Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look Who's Crawling...

I have to admit, there were times last year when I really couldn't imagine Maggie crawling or walking. But alas, here she is starting to crawl...praise God for what He is doing in her development!


  1. Oh Lee- most wonderful thing to see ever!! Go Maggie!

  2. She is so precious, Lee! She is so proud of herself!!! (as she should be) Now we just need to get her to show miss Rainer-girl how it's done. She is nowhere close!!! But she has perfected the butt-scooch, which Kate never did.

  3. That is the sweetest thing I've every seen!!! WAY TO GO MAGGIE!!!

  4. she is so cute! i love how happy she is with herself! she's so excited!

  5. Anna Kate has loved watching this video...several times! We have been cheering for Maggie! Yay!
    I came across this Psalm and thought of yall....
    "Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” Psalm 50:15

  6. YAY MAGGIE!!!! So happy to see her progress, I know it is also so encouraging to you Lee!

  7. Lee ... I'm looking at your beautiful Maggie, reading your blog and am quite moved. You inspire me.

    I PPROM'd at 19 weeks, no amniotic fluid for the duration of the pregnancy, delivered at 32 weeks (miracle). Our baby is now 8 months (6 adjusted) and like you, our lives are consumed with his care and all the appointments.

    Like your Maggie, he has breathing issues, feeding problems, GERD, and torticollis that is not getting better with PT and our doc isn't taking it seriously. I'm just wondering who we should see to get some answers: neurosurgeon? craniofacial specialist? I'm lost and searching. It's how I found your blog.

    So much PPROM, preemie solidarity to you. It's a minute-to-minute challenge to hold my fears about this baby and remind myself that God has a plan for our boy.

    I don't know how to find your email. I would so appreciate getting a 1-2 sentence response from you on where we should start with specialists that can help determine the cause and treatment for his torticollis. Looks like you've been through it all. Prayers for you, prayers for Maggie.

    Elisa in California (