Thursday, September 22, 2011


The MRI results came back yesterday after a week of painful waiting. Thankfully there was no change from last year. Praise God for that great news.

We also had a good trip to Atlanta. We met with a renowned surgeon and really liked what he had to say. He didn't promise me he could cure her 100% (as so many have wrongly said before), but he said we've done everything else for maggie we possibly could. And surgery is really the only option left. He felt for sure Maggie's severity and unique type of torticollis has baffled doctors because it is due to the rare condition I had during pregnancy.

Now we have some serious praying to do. Unfortunately nothing is ever clear cut with Maggie, and rarely do two doctors agree on what to do. So it makes decision- making very difficult, especially when we've had two surgeries gone wrong in our family. But I had a good feeling about this surgeon, and feel like we may just be on the right path, medically speaking. Praying that we are...

Justin and I are so thankful to the Gaddis family who shuttled Maggie and I around Atlanta and loved and fed us in between. What a treat for us both!

Thank you for praying this week and continuing to pray...

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  1. Praise God for the MRI results and promising trip to Atlanta! Will be praying for you and Justin!