Monday, January 2, 2012

Joyful Joyful Christmas Season!

We had a busy and fun month - we went to Atlanta for a checkup and then to Little Rock for Christmas. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends like the Gaddis family in Altanta who took such good care of us, and our precious family who loved being together in Little Rock. How blessed we are...

We saw "Madeleine's Christmas" in Atlanta with Marcia and loved it!

Our future performer!
The girls loved Miss Marcia

We stopped and toured the Vicksburg battefields on our way home - I am such a sucker for historic sites.

But it was worth it because she held her head straight at this monument to Illinois soldiers. (We really think the Botox she had in Atlanta this trip really made a difference)

Big sissy helping with breathing treatment on our trip

I love these girls...

Sweet sisters
Someone was not too sure about's funny because I find such appreciation in these often frustrating, but very much normal, toddler behaviors. I know what a blessing it is that Maggie is even going through these "normal" stages.
Fun with our Phelan cousins!

Making a homemade present for Lolly and Poppa

With friend Michael Lipsey (yes, I have trained the poor child like Pavlov's dogs to pop her head up for a few seconds when the camera comes out.) These two had due dates two weeks apart - I finally feel like Maggie is starting to look her age! She's petite, yes, but within the normal range.

Couldn't resist eating the gingerbread house decor:)
Precious moment at the Candlelight service that my dad snapped with his camera.

Our tradition of reading on Christmas Eve - "The Night Before Christmas" and Luke 2

The little ones adore Uncle Will (aka "Buddy") with Noah

Look at how big I am getting! At Mimi and PopPop's house.

Love from Pop (her great-grandfather).

and cousin Natalie

Uncle Patrick and Emerson (did I mention this was our first ever tacky sweater Chrtimas gathering? Should have mentioned that...we don't normally dress this way, just wanted to shake things up this year)

This was Neely's sweater - wish I had gotten a picutre of her flashing ornament earrings!

Everyone had to give Maggie some special love, including her great-grandmother Nanny
Four generations of the Wooten extended family- Love y'all!

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  1. Maggie looks wonderful Lee!!! What a fun time it looks like you guys had. Hopefully you got some much needed free time and rest. Happy New Year!