Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Rollercoaster Day

Monday July 27th

"What I feared has come upon me, what I dreaded has happened to me." Job 3:25

I am writing this for those who have been so diligently praying for us all the while wondering what exactly is transpiring in our lives. A week ago Monday my doctor put me on bed rest because he was concerned my amniotic fluid was leaking. (I am nearly 16 weeks pregnant). I was scared to death and did not do a thing for a week, praying that he was wrong or that God would heal the problem. Well, we went in to the doctor yesterday feeling very hopeful. Our doctor did our ultrasound and announced that the fluid levels had risen, the baby's heartbeat was perfect and he was measuring just right. We were so elated, especially after our doctor assured us that everything looked as best as it could. But, he said he wanted wanted us to go over to the more advanced ultrasound at the Maternal-Fetal Care Practice to do a full anatomy scan to make sure the baby had not suffered any damage. Of course, I was nervous about that, but I was just so thankful that he was alive and doing okay.

Well an hour later we had the second ultrasound. And after a few seconds, the doctor turned to us with the worst look I never want anyone to have to see, and said bluntly, "There is no fluid at all." I couldn't believe my ears. How could our doctor see lots of fluid and this doctor see none? There were a few more conclusions (I will spare you of the graphic details) but basically our baby is growing normally and perfectly. But without amniotic fluid his lungs cannot develop properly and therefore survive outside the womb. They are not sure how my body will handle this. The baby could live inside me for a few days, a few weeks or longer, but if he is born, and the amniotic sac does not heal very soon, then the baby can only live a few minutes outside the womb. "Only a miracle can save your baby," were the doctor's exact words. I had to balance myself on Justin's arm as we walked out of that office.

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