Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February photos

She has outgrown her preemie clothes but newborn are still a little big

most of the time her nasal canula stays put

but we often find her twisting just right to get them out!

Moms of preemies - don't go buy a $200 scale, buy a wii fit and you can use the baby stats app to keep track of your baby and can enjoy it yourself!

Us in the front seat hanging out waiting for our Sonic order to come out  - what a life!

she is still so tiny!

Mary Lawrence comes and wakes me up at 6 am to put her princess dress on - today she added daddy's shirt

Playing on the floor of the Embassy Suites - I was too exhausted to tell her it was filthy.  Our power went out at 2 am during last week's snowstorm. Usually we would start a fire in the fireplace and deal with it, but since oxygen and fire don't mix well - and the monitor battery only lasts 3 hours - I had to started calling hotels to find somewhere for our crew to go. If only we had a picture of all the heads turning to look at us as we walked through the lobby with our horse dog, two babies, bags of equipment and lots wires and tubes coming out everywhere. Oh the stories we will have to tell!

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  1. Your girls are so beautiful. I'm so happy to see Maggie's doing so well, too. She's gorgeous!