Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten things I am thankful for

1. I haven't had a complete meltdown yet.

2. The snow falling out of the Dallas sky makes it fun to be home bound today.

3 My new best friend, named Wii Fit. Although after taking all my measurements and fitness evaluations, my Wii personal trainer told me my "true" age was 41. Not nice, but I of course blame that on four months of bed rest.

4. Maggie keeps going down on her oygen and the doctor thinks she only has another month or so on it.

5. Sweet friends who do thoughtful things like bringing over their extra craft supplies for Mary Lawrence so we can spice up our daily activities. Or just an email or phone call from a friend to say hello. Adult conversation is greatly cherished in my book right now:)

6. We have yet to drop Maggie. Sounds simple enough, but the constant transferring her from front of the house to back of the house often results in one of us getting tangled in the mess of cords and inevitably tripping and flying across the room. Depsite our clumsiness we have thankfully managed to keep her safe.

7. Justin enjoys staying up and feeding Maggie her 11 pm bottle so I can go to sleep early. The daddy-daughter time reminds him of every night when he would go up to the NICU from 10pm to 2 am because he didn't want Maggie to be by herself all night long.

8. I finally managed to take Blue to get a bath this week (thanks to a sweet friend who stayed in the car while I ran in the groomer) so my house doesn't smell like a dirty dog who has been digging large holes in my backyard.

9. After 11 days of going cold turkey with big girl underwear, Mary Lawrence is finally starting to tell me when she needs to go potty instead of wetting her pants, the couch, the rug, etc. (I'm sorry but doesn't everyone say it only takes 3-4 days of this???)

10. And, finally, my crock pot. I feel like a somewhat capable house wife when I can have something ready for dinner when Justin comes home from work, which is right when Maggie eats, has her second round of meds, needs her breathing treatment and Mary Lawrence is asking me for the 18th time of the day to help her find her Cinderella slippers, which I suspect she has purposely hidden so I will be forced to spend some alone time with her, albeit on a huting mission to find those teeny shoes.

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