Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blame it on fatigue

Sometimes I'm not sure God picked the right person for this job. Yesterday I did the dumbest thing. I was in such a tizzy trying to get both girls ready to take Maggie to the doctor that when switching the portable oxygen tanks I forgot to turn on the new one. And I didn't know it until the nurse was checking her oxygen levels and it was way down. I kept insisting that normally she's been doing so great on her new lower settings but the nurse was not convinced. It was only when she left the room to fetch the doctor that I realized I hadn't used the plastic key to turn the lever once I hooked the new tank on- which is the step that makes the oxygen flow. Doh! Poor Maggie had been without oxygen since before we left the house.

I went running out to find the nurse, who thankfully had one of those darn plastic key and we turned it on. I babbled onto her about how this was my first time taking both of the girls out at the same time, and in all the commotion of leaving the house that crucial step must have slipped my mind. I was hoping for  a "don't worry, parents do this all the time,' but it didn't come. Oh well. She probably thinks I am quite incompetent to be caring for such a fragile baby.

Nonetheless I was frazzled when the doctor stepped in to examine Maggie. I was trying to concentrate on his thoughts about Maggie when Mary Lawrence starts screaming behind me, "mama, poo poo, poo poo!". I turned around to see that she had wet her pants (why did I pick this week to get serious about potty training?) and she was not happy about it. In fact, she was screaming in her signature high pitch scream and fell on the floor in utter despair. Thankfully Maggie's sweet doctor kindly offered to stay with Maggie while I rushed to find the bathroom and get Mary Lawrence cleaned up. I scrambled through my diaper bag looking for the extra underwear and pants I threw in at the last minute in case of an emergency just like this, but of course I couldn't find them (they fell out in the car) so poor thing had to put her wet pants back on which made this nap-deprived toddler even unhappier. And who could blame her? Poor thing I dragged her out of the house during her nap time and made her stand in the waiting room for 30 minutes (all the chairs were taken) then wait in the patient room for another 15 minutes. She had all she could take!

So after taking care of business in the bathroom, we rushed back to the room and found the doctor cradling Maggie in his arms and talking to her sweetly - something you often don't see doctors get to do cause they are always rushing around. So I took a deep breath and we started over. Thankfully Mary Lawrence was so good for the remainder of the visit and then later as we did some pharmacy hopping trying to find this certain prescription. I think we have Maggie's prescriptions spread across three pharmacies now. Talk about convenience!

Anyways, Maggie's doing well. Thankfully my incompetence yesterday didn't do any long term damage. She six  pounds, ten ounces now so that's good! He wants me to wean her down a little more off her oxygen. And he is going to let her go sleep more at night so last night we didn't wake her up and she slept from 11:30 - 5. Well done Maggie!


  1. Oh poor Lee!! That sounds like quite an afternoon. Well the nurse didn't say it but that really could happen to any of us! And you are doing WAY more than most of us could!! And a great job at that! So just think in a little while (and now that you can get more sleep!) you will look back on this and laugh. :)
    Congrats on getting more sleep and way to go Maggie!!

  2. Hang in there!! I agree that the nurse should have provided a little TLC for you! You are balancing so many things and doing a great job! Katie Bowden brought Maggie's birth announcement to bible study so we could all see the amazing miricle y'all have witnessed first hand!

  3. Wow, you have your hands full! And shame on that nurse, it probably does happen and you know what Maggie was fine so no damage done.
    How exciting that Maggie slept so long I hope you were able to sleep without interruption too!
    Hang in there!

  4. Oh my goodness...Lee! You have SO many factors to juggle and you are doing a great job, even if you did forget a couple things. I'm impressed just that you got everyone to the appointment! It was fun seeing you at dinner last night...hope you have a good rest of the week.


  5. You are doing a fantastic job! Who cares what the nurse thinks...she's gaining weight and has been infection free which is a miracle since you have a toddler at home. Kudos to you!

    Sondra Parris

  6. You are doing great girl! I know the stress that comes from taking care of a fragile little one and I totally believe God has placed sweet Maggie in your precious hands because He knows you can handle it...and handle it with grace at that. Just remember He will never give your more than you can handle...just more that you would like to handle at times. You are an amazing mother and Maggie is so blessed to be in your care. Just think, you are creating memories for later :) Love ya girl!

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  8. my goodness....i'm so impressed that you had both of them at a doctors appointment! My first outing with Kelly during this past month of potty training was to chick fil a, where he had two accidents, there was lots of screaming, tinkle all over me, him and the bathroom, and we left with him in a friends pink leisure pants. You are doing an awesome job, and God smiles on the servant that you are being for your girls!