Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Photos

Despite all of the recent stress, we've had some good times over the past few weeks for which we are so thankful. And the fact that Maggie is here makes it all even better!

With Cousin Noah at a Easter Egg hunt in Little Rock

This is the dress Mary Lawrence wore when she was 1 week old; Mags is 5 months- oh well; she'll catch up we just know it!

I know we are just cruel to do this, but I just couldn't resist!

First time to meet her beloved great-grandparents...

Mary Lawrence loves her Nanny and  Pop and wishes she could see them more often.

with cousin Pierce at the playground (they had just bumped heads)

at her birthday party last week - she had a blast although you'd have to know her facial experessions to know that this means she is having a good time!

Snow White and Snow White

Picnic at the Abroretum - Mary Lawrence was so happy to be doing something together as a family

She loved going "over the bridge" a thousand times just like Dora...

Maggie has a matching dress but I forgot to get a picture of them together!

Daddy and Maggie recovering from a long day!

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  1. Great pictures and great reminders of the little joys! You have a beautiful, wonderful family Lee!