Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As I was changing Maggie this morning I found myself staring at her for a long time, thinking something was just not quite right about the way she looked. Finally it came to me. . . she was wearing Mary Lawrence's size 4T pull up.

I got a good laugh at myself for that, but it didn't last long as Maggie started coughing and wheezing and I realized she was not well. Yesterday ML came down with a 102 fever and has had one ever since, coughing and sneezing and feeling awful. All day yesterday I tried to keep them separated but my efforts were obviously  futile. Right now Maggie doesn't have a fever but the congestion is getting worse and she is coughing. The doctor wants us to increase her breathing treatments to every four hours and if she starts having trouble breathing we have to take her straight to the ER.

Right now I have a minute to sit down because I got them both to sleep. One of us is taking ML to the pediatrician tonight. I don't' feel super worried at this point because Maggie doesn't have a fever and acts okay which I am so thankful for. But I have to remind myself that her lungs are weaker than other babies her age and her condition can worsen eerily fast. She has been sick before with a cold but it never went down into her chest. Praying for both my little ones who are so pitiful right now.

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