Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, we learned this weekend that the helmet is good for more than one reason: when your three year old pulls your baby off the bed by her feet you are no longer annoyed by that piece of plastic around her head.

Yes, this is what happens when there is major miscommunication between husband and wife. After hearing an awful thud, I ran into the room - my hands covered with raw meat, mind you, because I was making meat loaf - to find Maggie crumpled face down on the floor. (Justin had left her face up at the top of the bed so ML had dragged her down the middle of the bed and then let go as she realized she couldn't possibly hold her).

So all afternoon we dealt with screaming (including me), pacing, worrying, guilt (me), and every emotion in between as we contemplated going to the ER. The sad thing is that if Maggie were a normal, healthy child we'd have probably rushed her immediately to the hospital for our own peace of minds. But because we have frequented so many hospitals, we just weren't that motivated to go. If she didn't have her helmet on, sure, we would have been there in 5 minutes. But after a few bone checks, she seemed just fine. No lethargy, no abnormal crying, so we just shrugged our shoulders and got to talking to ML about the dangers of dropping babies on the floor.

Yes, we opted out of an afternoon at the ER and instead went on a stroll to Eatzi's to get some French bread, Brie, and Pinot. Ha ha- is that terrible? I guess we've learned to enjoy ourselves as much as possible in the short times we have when someone is not either screaming, projectile refluxing, or requiring some kind of immediate attention - which, sadly, is not very often.

ML loves getting in her sister's crib and so was actually trying to do something sweet (or at least that's what she told us!).

This morning before school- she's already excited about Halloween.

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  1. Love it! Real life right there! I always wished my girls had a helmet for the times when they were learning to walk. Olivia hit her head so many times- it was really scary.
    I can't remember if I've told you or not, but all that you do for Maggie is amazing. I was thinking of you today as I made ONE phone call to our insurance company. It almost ruined my day. I can't imagine dealing with those all of the time. I am praying for peace, strength, and for more of those to work out so you don't have to call! And- back to the thing I can't remember if I've told you or not. In our foster/adoptive classes, we talk about how children are divided into different levels based on need of care. Did you know for Maggie- she would only be allowed to live with a nurse or dr! They believe "normal parents" aren't able to care for a child with health needs. You are an amazing mom to handle all that she needs. You probably feel like a nurse at this point! You should feel pretty special! Hang in there! It is so fun to see Maggie grow and I know you will slowly start stepping into phases of life with her that will gradually get easier. Your girls are precious. Praying for all of you!