Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I wish I had more time to record the happenings of each day. The absurdity that fills our days sometimes would make a great movie or book. I mean, no one could make some of this stuff up.

Take yesterday, for example. As I wrote that last blog post, ML was laying in my lap because all morning she had been complaining her stomach hurt. That's nothing new with her bc of her potty issues, so I just kept encouraging her to go relieve herself. But when the complaining turned into screaming I decided to call the pediatrician's nurse line. She said to bring her in immediately in case it's appendicitis. So we rush to the doctor. Mary Lawrence is screaming hysterically the whole way because she hates the doctor and she feels horrible. We get there and she continues to scream uncontrollably. It's obvious she's in pain and so sick and I have a gut feeling she's about to throw up. So I ask the receptionist if we could please be taken back to a room because I fear any minute she's going to explode. The lady basically ignores me and I watch as she checks out three families with bouncing, healthy newborns. Tears creep into my eyes as I, myself, am about to explode with frustration.

So there I am walking around the sick waiting room holding my screaming daughter, her legs wrapped tightly around me and her head in my chest. Then it begins...five rounds of vomit in between bouts of screaming. People watched in horror as ML soaked the both of us- all down my shirt, pants, shoes and everything she was wearing. Horrible, just horrible.

Thankfully, some nice nurse took us back and cleaned her off. We stripped her down and since they didn't have any blankets, I had to hold my feverish child against my soaking wet clothes. And we waited, and waited, and waited for the doctor. For an hour!!!! The whole time I'm thinking about how I need to get home and take my other baby to her doctor bc she too is suffering.

We finally saw the doctor, who confirmed the stomach bug is going around. I carry my naked daughter out of the office and drive her home. Run to CVS to get supplies. Drive home and pick up Maggie (thank goodness I have help on Tuesdays!) and took her downtown, sobbing the whole way there- really, this is just too much. I mean, it just broke my heart to leave my sick child at home with a babysitter when she needed me.

Anyway, Maggie's doctor is stumped about why she is unable to keep anything down, but we are going to try a few things over the next few days. One thing we are trying is 48 hours of just pedialyte to let her stomach rest. She did lose weight and I about broke down when I told him that the whole reason we got the darn g-tube in the first place was so we wouldn't have to worry about her eating. She may have a valve in her stomach, we thought, but at least she's going to turn into a chubby, healthy baby. Wrong!

So on the way home we stopped by CVS to get pedialyte. As soon as I walked in our back door, it hit me. Yes, I also got the stomach bug. Within minutes ML and I were in her bed throwing up in the same bowl. She'd throw up, then it would make me throw up. Justin later said it was like a mini version of that scene in "Stand By Me." Like I said, you can't make this stuff up!

About 4 o'clock I called and begged my mom to get on the next flight to Dallas. I just can't do this alone (poor Justin can't help much in his condition). Thank God she came immediately and we are so grateful because ML was up all night delirious with fever and, yes, screaming constantly.

Today we are feeling a little better, just weak. We're happy Maggie is keeping down the pedialyte and hoping that she can keep the formula down tomorrow.

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  1. You poor thing! When it rains it pours...and I am sure you feel like you need an ark about now. Hang in there! I am so glad your mom is here to help.


  2. Oh my gosh. How you get out of bed each day is beyond me. I keep thinking, well, this is the worst, so things must get better. Umm, but they keep getting worse. You are going to have amazing stories to tell your sweet girls when they get older. And you better get a trip to the beach as soon as possible- of course when they are older. :) I feel like yelling at God, "ok, I think she's got the picture- I think she can see she can't do this on her own and she needs you. Now show up and help this poor mama!" Praying for strength and peace and healing for all of you and Justin's back. And that he'll give you a season of really great news, growing Maggie and peace.

  3. Lee....oh my word!! I agree with Kate, how do you get out of bed?? I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you. You AMAZE me...I am praying. I will not stop praying. Love you friend.