Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uh Oh!

This is very embarrassing and I need to issue an apology to some...For a while now I've been thinking it is so strange that no one leaves voice mails on our home line. I kept calling to check and it said "no messages." Not so weird, I told  myself, since everyone calls me on my cell phone.

But a few weeks ago, Maggie's GI doctor told me he tried to leave me a message on our home phone and it said, "voice mailbox full." Hmm, that's strange, I thought, and made a mental note to call AT&T, but just never had time to call. But today, I am awaiting that same doctor to call  me and didn't want him to think I was a complete loser for still not tending to my phone issues. So I called AT&T and was shocked to find out that I have - wait for it - 143 voice mails. And they date back to January 2010.

I am sure there are people out there who most definitely think we are the rudest people for not returning phone calls. To those people, I am so so sorry.

I don't' know how I will  ever have time to listen to that many voicemails so I'm just deleting them without even listening to them. (I'll probably listen to the recent ones to make sure I haven't missed any majorly important calls about Maggie!).

Anyway, just thought this would make other moms out there who feel like they can't ever get on top of things a whole lot better about themselves....surely no one could be as moronic as me for thinking no one has left us a voice mail in over a year.

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