Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We're home!

Everything went great this morning. Maggie is home and in her brace. We won't know if the Botox is working for a few days...but thankfully she did fine under anesthesia.

But there was a development on the vomiting front. While doing the endoscopy her GI doctor discovered that her g-button balloon(the inside part) looks to be blocking the exit of her stomach into the small intestine. Its almost like you put a baseball in the bottom of your sink. Water would take a lot longer to drain out. Same thing with Maggie- the milk can't get drain fast enough into small intestine so it just comes back up!

So if the Botox does not help the vomiting over the next week we will try to switch brands of g-buttons or may have to start all over and have a new hole put in. This is potentially a huge breakthrough and confirms my instinct all along that something was not right with the button because her vomiting got so much worse after it was placed in September. So we are thankful to at least be getting somewhere with that.

Thank you all for praying. Will keep you posted on her progress!

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  1. I'm so glad that she did well under the anesthesia, and SO SO SO glad that they figured out the potential problem with the g-button. I was reading another blog today about a surgery that figured out an ancillary problem and how this other mom knew that it was God in that operating guess is that God pointed that doctor to her g-button so that it can hopefully get all fixed! We will keep praying.