Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 week checkup

Had my 6 week check up today with my OB. We both marveled at what has transpired over the past 6 months. It's funny, I got so used to seeing him everyday at the hospital that I found myself missing our daily chats. He would come sit on the edge of my hospital bed and talk me through my worries. No doubt God led me to him for a reason. He had a way of always softening the constant bad news we received. Even though he knew that the odds were so slim that this would all turn out okay he still managed to encourage me and give me hope. That is truly a gift, I think.

I started crying today when he told me that I have given a gift to Maggie that not many could give by staying in the bed for so long. I told him that it was only because of the grace of God who strenghtned me. I told him that I can't believe it myself when I think about what I went through. I remember at 14 weeks thinking that 28 weeks just seemed impossible and so long. But I told him it was like something just washed over me - a peace from God - that protected my mind from going to the dark places and allowed me to make it through each day. I felt God's presence more than I ever in my entire life. I know that our omnipresent God was not more present in my life than he was before - because he is always equally present - but during this time I felt it even more. And I am so thankful to Him for that.

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