Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec 22

They started Maggie on antibiotics last night and this morning the blood work came back about the same so I guess it's good that her infection has gotten worse. We will know more tomorrow when more extensive test results come back. I have to admit I was really scared last night because it just all happened so quickly. At 4:45 the nurse said she was peppy and then a half hour later she was lethargic and pale and wouldn't eat (which she's never done). I know how fast things can spiral downhill in the NICU so I am thankful that it's not worse today. The doctor said if it was really bad she would have to be put back on the ventilator and she hasn't had to do that yet. She's still strong enough to breathe on her own which is great, but not strong enough to eat on her own.

I remember when she first was born a nurse told us it's not a matter of if she will get an infection in the NICU but when. So I guess we can be thankful that she has gone 7 weeks (really 26 if you count the time in utero) that she has gone without getting one. Babies usually develop lots of antibodies in the third trimester and since she didn't get that third trimester she doesn't have as much immunity to bacteria. Thankfully the breast milk helps as well. But good news is that she is 4.5 pounds now, which is much better than 2.5 when fighting infections!

We were hoping she would maybe come home next week but now it doesn't look like it. We'll see ...we're just praying that she recovers quickly from this and that it won't affect her progress too much. It's interesting that the more time that goes by the more confident I am that bringing her home - even if she's on oxygen and a monitor - is better than staying in the hospital. She needs to be away from all those germs and she needs to be in my arms more. I know that our holding her a lot - and kangaroo care - has made a big difference in her progress. And Justin and I haven't been able to be up there because we've both had colds recently and therefore haven't gotten that good quality time holding her. I think coming home and being with her family will be the best medicine for her!

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