Thursday, December 3, 2009


There is something to be said for buying a large fountain drink at Target and then wandering aimlessly through all the many product-filled aisles. It is one of those great things about suburbia that I once took for granted. Same with driving around to do errands in my car. A task I once thought mundane is now so much more exciting. I got behind the wheel on Saturday for the first time and it was like I was 16 again! On Tuesday I took Mary Lawrence to school and, minus the three meltdowns she had before we left the house, it was a pretty good second day on my own (Justin's parents left this weekend and Justin started back to work). I guess going back to being "Mom" again was not as tough as I feared.  I keep telling myself I really need to enjoy my ability to go about life somewhat normally before Maggie comes home because we won't be able to go out much. And her homecoming may be sooner than we think. Yesterday I fed her my first bottle and tomorrow I will try to nurse. And I can bring her clothes to start wearing as she will move out of her incubator soon!

Here are some photos:

Mimi holding Maggie for the first time

Daddy and Maggie

You can see how tiny she is still is next to my hand.

Yes, it snowed here yesterday as I was about to leave for the hospital. We threw on our coats and enjoyed the short-lived treat.

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  1. I'm so happy she's doing better. And I love all the new pics - your girls are gorgeous! It's AMAZING that Maggie ate from a bottle so well her first time. She's a little rock star! And I'm excited you get to dress her soon. For some reason that seemed like a huge milestone for us - just makes things seem a little more "normal"! Go Maggie!