Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Strategy

New Strategy : Keep Maggie awake until she is really tired and then put her to sleep, only to wake her up 10 minutes later to feed her.

We know this is not realistic long term, but we are desperate. And since her most successful feeding is while she is asleep, this is what we have been doing the past few days. It's just a short-term solution while we work in outpatient therapy to get her to eat like a normal baby.

We went today to her first appointment and - no surprise but still a big disappointment - she did not gain weight. Mr. Half-Full (that's Justin) would say "at least she didn't lose weight." Which is true, but I still  long for the  numbers on that scale to keep creeping up.

Still praying for something to click in Maggie so she will eat like a normal baby, or for Justin and I to learn how to get her to eat successfully despite her issues.

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  1. I'm so sorry she's struggling so much with eating. We'll pray she can figure it out and start gaining weight.