Friday, June 18, 2010

Some photos of our summer so far...

No major update here. Some days are good and some days are frustrating. Well actually all days are frustrating, but at least some of those hard days yield good results! But here are some pictures from the past month or so -

At the hospital - happiest baby ever

Hanging out with Daddy in the hospital room

Our little bumble bee had her first ballet recital while Maggie was in the hospital

Although we were convinced she wouldn't even walk out on the stage, she did and loved dancing in front of all those people... 

Our first big outing this summer - to the Farmer's Market!

We've also made it to the pool once or twice...

and Maggie rests under the tree with me while Daddy swims with ML.


  1. is that the dress I gave Mary Lawrence for her birthday? How pretty she looks! love Claire xx

  2. Well, well. Have I been out of touch! Look at this beautiful little Maggie!!! I'm coming to Dallas for a formal introduction!
    Aunt Tracy