Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Feet, Little Victory

Every time we see her doctor he asks me if Maggie is grabbing her feet yet. No, I tell him, and then I proceed to give him a bunch of reasons why she might not be doing it yet: "she's still really tight and stiff, and we have been focusing more on her neck at physical therapy, and remember I didn't have any fluid so that made her muscles a little stiff since she wasn't able to move around."

But last night I am watching her on the video monitor and low and behold - she's grabbing her feet! Why is this so important? Beats me! But I do know it's a crucial developmental milestone for babies. Grabbing feet means her brain is developing...and that's good!

Funny I never even thought twice about these things the first time around, but with preemies every little milestone is a victory.  And a little victory like that means a lot to me right now....


  1. YAY!!! Proud of you Maggie!!! Something to smile about!

  2. Little victory? BIG victory! That is great news, Lee!

  3. Hooray for twinkle toes Maggie! Keep on growing big and strong.