Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Based on a variety of factors, we have decided to do the in patient program. I know it is the right thing. Being there 24/7 will allow these highly trained therapists to get her on a routine. Right now that's been impossible because we are constantly driving back and forth all day. And that's really hard on ML, too. I am hoping this intense therapy will jumpstart her eating again and she can come home without any tubes in 3-4 weeks. We think she will be admitted in a few days.

This has all happened so fast and Justin and I both feel like our heads our spinning. Despite knowing this is the best thing for everyone, I have this thickness in my chest and knots in my stomach. I feel like our life is rolling back up to where we were four months ago. I am fearful about handing my daughter over to be cared for my complete strangers. I am so worried about how this is going to affect Mary Lawrence. Praying for guidance on what to tell her about this whole thing. The horrible thing is that ML is going to have to be hospitalized, too, and get a nose tube as well in order to flush out her system. I don't want her to think we may decide to ship her out, too.

This whole thing is just a nightmare. I just want to lay down and sob but there is no time! I know we will get through this. It just seems that normalcy is so far off.

We keep praying for God to protect these girls, make them healthy, calm their fears, and make His presence known like He did before. Most of all, we ask for strength as we become a fragmented family once again.


  1. I am praying for you Lee. Love you. Anna

  2. Lee, I'm praying for you guys constantly.
    Mandy Osborne

  3. I keep up with your blog and am praying that the Lord brings peace and wisdom in the midst of these trying days...Catherine Richards

  4. Lee, it was so good to talk to you yesterday. I'm glad you decided to do the in-patient program. I would have made that same decision...I know it was such a hard decision but you will not be disappointed. Maggie is in the BEST of hands and will be receiving the royal treatment :-) I know we talked about this yesterday but you won't believe the progress she will make as an in-patient. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom!! Please call me if you need me to help with ML when you need to be with Maggie. And don't hesitate to call with anymore questions about the therapy or program. Praying for you guys!!

  5. Praying for both of your sweet girls and for you! We will be praying that ML will have crazy amounts of peace and will get better super fast. And that Maggie will be taken care of by super sweet nurses who love her like she's their own! Praying for peace for you and Justin! Hang in there. You will make it through this!