Thursday, May 20, 2010

One more week!

Got news today that Maggie can go home next Wednesday if all continues to go well. She has been taking all her bottles and gaining weight!

I am so excited but of course it also makes me nervous to bring her home, back to a normal environment with sounds, noises, distractions that she is not used to. I keep telling the therapist that feeding in a quiet, darkened room every three hours is not our reality. She responded with, "if you don't want your daughter to have a g-tube, then this is what you have to do." Okay then! We are so happy that she is eating, though, we don't care what we have to do to accomplish that.

I have to say, there has been nothing more satisfying than putting her on the scale each day and watching the numbers creep up. Of course she still struggles sometimes, but I am having more success at getting her to accept it when she wants to refuse it. Thank you for your continued prayers. She needs to keep doing this well in order to go home so we are praying for her to keep eating and thriving.

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  1. Yea!!!! Praying she will adjust to being home quickly!!!