Monday, May 17, 2010


Mary Lawrence's procedure went as well as it could have. She was very traumatized after two days of a pre-clean out (no food/drink and lots of miralax and suppositories). She was so scared she wouldn't even let the nurses touch her.They finally gave her something to calm her and let me carry her back to the OR. I held the strawberry-flavored gas mask on her while she fell asleep. I know it wasn't a serious procedure but it still was so hard to leave that OR with my little baby on that cold, hard operating table!

Mary Lawrence is all cleared of all that blockage so hopefully her tummy will be feeling better again soon. She is probably still going to want to "hold" her bowel movements so we will have to be a strict regimen to keep her from getting constipated again so we never have to relive this. It has been so hard but I am so thankful one child is out of the hospital and praying that the other will soon be home too!

Thank you for praying for Mary Lawrence. She is a brave girl!


  1. gosh I am so so sorry. I know that must have been so scary for her- and you. I am so glad you updated. I have been thinking about all of you and praying for you today- especially ML. It is hard when you are old enough to know what is going on. That makes me very sad for her. :( So glad that it is over. Praying God will wipe every memory of it from her sweet mind- except the ones that remind her to go potty instead of hold it! So glad to hear Maggie is doing so well! Yea for no feeding tube! I guess it was a blessing she yanked it out! Hang in there! Y'all are going to triumphantly make it through this!

  2. Glad she is doing well and it seems Maggie is too!