Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Maggie is starting to make strides in her weight gain. She has been hovering around 13 pounds for about six months now, which is quite scary if you ask me. With the vomiting under control and now the 24 continuous feeding, she finally gained weight! She is now up to 15 pounds! That's more than a pound in two weeks. Woo hoo!

Now I know that is still really small, but I am so encouraged we finally have a plan that works, no matter how annoying it is to lug a feeding pump around all day. So by my estimates she will be 18 + pounds by Christmas! Yes, most twelve months don't gain an ounce a day but Maggie is catching up big time. And I'm adding fat to her diet wherever I can. She likes apple juice so I offer it all day long! And I will add corn oil to her baby food or just shoot up a syringe of olive oil into her feeding tube. Let's just say constipation is no longer a problem!

Anyways, her pain is much better thanks to Nicole (her old nurse) who came over last week and showed me how to tape her tube up better so it doesn't pull or rotate. She still screams when I touch it so they are starting her on antibiotic's in case there is an infection going on.

I am praying that Scottish Rite gets us in sooner rather than later for the MRI and CT scan. Of course I am anxious to know the results although I am not too hung up on it. I realize it is not in my hands and so why spend energy worrying about it? I have gotten back into the habit of praying over my children after they go to bed and through that the Lord has given me a renewed peace that He is going to watch over my children and help us through whatever we may face in the future.

Thanks for the continued prayer!


  1. What wonderfully encouraging news Lee!

  2. Hey! Just catching up a bit on Maggie and wanted to share. My prom baby only weighed 13 pounds at 1 year old, too. Although he generally makes slight gains all the time, his weight gain hasn't been great. He's 27 months now and is almost 22 pounds, so he's tiny, but healthy. Also, he was on oxygen, and I know it's not even the same as a feeding tube, but his EI nurse swears kids with tubes of any kind take much longer to make developmental gains because it's uncomfortable to have those tubes on. Tukk didn't start doing anything until he finally got off oxygen at 1 year old. Once he got rid of that he started rolling over, sitting up, and crawling really quickly. Still didn't walk until he was just past his 2nd birthday, but did much better once we got rid of the tube. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed Maggie's troubles are just from the tube and not something neurological. We've also been told he might have scoliosis and hydrocephalus, but his scans have always turned out normal. So hang in there - you just never know! I think she's doing great. She looks absolutely beautiful. Happy 1st birthday little Maggie!