Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MRI and CT scan tomorrow

Last week we had some encouragement news about Maggie. At her one year developmental checkup she tested right where a normal 9-10 month should be for fine motor and cognitive skills (technically she is really only 9 1/2 months). The doctor thinks cognitively she is going to be just fine and that was so good to hear. However, he did not even bother testing her gross motor skills (crawling, rolling over, etc) because she is obviously very delayed because of her neck. Overall he was very encouraged but prepared me that whatever is going on neurologically or with her skeleton might be something that we will be dealing with for several years or longer.

It is funny how your perspective changes as time goes on and you deal with harder and harder things. I remember being so upset about them putting a permanent tube in her stomach. Now I see that was really no big deal. Who cares about a tube if Maggie can otherwise function as a normal child? Now I am just praying that whatever it is, it can be fixed and Maggie can live a normal physical life. Her doctor said to make our goal for her to be ready to go to kindergarten. I'm fine with that!

I don't know when we will get the results of her tests, but I admit I have made myself so sick after reading on the internet the things that could be causing her torticollis. Some articles talk of life long pain; other things I have read are much worse. I am praying and pleading that this baby won't suffer any more. That she can be fixed to lead a healthy, normal life. She so badly wants to as she watches her older sister prance around the house in her ballet shoes, holding her princess CD player in hand. Maggie smiles like I've never seen a child smile when watching Mary Lawrence.

Thanks for praying for the anethesia tomorrow - I'm praying that Maggie can come home soon after and not have too many lingering affects from it.

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  1. I know Maggie's situation is different, but Kelly had an MRI at 7 mos. and the anesthesia was no big deal...well, let me say that it was a HUGE deal at first, complete with me throwing basically a temper tantrum when they wouldn't let me go back to the anesthesia room with him...guess fit didn't make them want to let me back there...Nate went, calm and collectedly, and Kelly was fine. Didn't even flinch when they put in the IV, so we knew that all that they were doing made him comfortable. I will pray for your little girl and for her doctors tomorrow, and throughout the process of figuring out what is going didn't ever update on the car, but is everything okay with you physically since the accident...goodness, God, can you please bless the Cordons, and give them a week of rest, with good feeding, good sleeping and growth for Maggie, lots of fun and playtime for Mary Lawrence, and a restful work week for Justin and Lee! Oh, how I pray that He will give you a blessed and restful week!