Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Maggie!

Today my mom recounted the story of exactly one year ago when she ran through the labor and delivery doors at Baylor, right past the check in desk, to get to me as fast as she could in my hospital room. The nurse stopped her to make her sign in and she said, "I can't. My daughter is in labor and they don't think the baby will live!" The nurses then hugged her and let her through. She and my dad found me in my worst state- heavy contractions, no epidural, and having difficulty breathing. Maggie's heart rate was dipping eerily low and the doctors were scrambling. As a mother she must have felt so helpless, watching her daughter being rolled into the O.R., not knowing what would transpire inside.

She said my dad, my sister, and her waited for what seemed like eternity in the waiting room until finally they couldn't take it any more and my dad went and begged a nurse to check on our status. My mom said he walked back in the waiting room crying (which is a rare sight, if ever). She thought his tears meant Maggie didn't make it. But she was wrong! They were tears of joy. Maggie was born and she was alive! God heard our pleas for her life. He gave us a miracle in plain sight, for all to see and for all to know that He is the true author of life and that He is not bound by what He created.

So on this very special day I want to glorify God for what He has done. There is no medical explanation for why Maggie has lungs after 15 weeks of little to no amniotic fluid, but she does. And when I wake up in the middle of the night and hear her rhythmic breathing, I am reminded again of those quiet nights in the hospital when I would pray for just that very sound. And one year later, the very sound of her breathing moves me to tears.

Thank you for all the birthday cards, emails, calls, gifts. It means so very much. Thank you to my dear friends who threw Maggie a little party because her mother was too exhausted to do anything. Thank you to my family and husband who have held me up through this past year. And thank you to all for the prayers for Maggie. No doubt it's been a hard week, but what a reminder I have today, on her first birthday, of God's faithfulness and goodness. Happy first Birthday to my Maggie! We are so proud!

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  1. Happy birthday sweet Maggie! God has worked so many miracles in your sweet little life. Lee you deserve a party thrown in your honor. Bless your heart. You are an amazing woman and mother. Praying for all your recent posts- I just can't comment from the laptop. I think of you all throughout the day. Praying God will encourage you!

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie!
    What a blessing to be celebrating her life! I know yall have gone through so much and still are. I am praying for yall and I know God has great plans for Maggie! Lee you are such an inspiration. I dont know how you do it and I cant even imagine how hard it is. You are doing God's will and he is so proud of you!
    Love, Ashley Carson

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Maggie! We are still praying for a complete catch-up for her and a normal childhood. And also some relief for you and Justin. But right now, mostly thanking God with you for her life!

  4. Happy Birthday Maggie! You and your family have been an example of Hope and Faith and What God can do in my life. I thank the Lord for answered prayers and more to come.

    Love you,

  5. I was just thinking Maggie must be getting close to turning one. Sorry I am a little late in wishing her a happy birthday. I was so excited to read about her weight gain. GO MAGGIE!!!