Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rough day

Maggie's Chronic Lung Disease has not really been an issue until today when it reared its ugly head. This morning I was allowed to walk Maggie back to the MRI room and kissed her sweet head as she fell asleep under the gas mask. What I didn't know is that after I was escorted out of the room and the doctor started putting anesthetic into her IV, Maggie's lungs kind of went into shock or something, and her vocal cords closed up and heart rate dropped.

Thankfully they were prepared and had medicine on hand to open up her vocal cords, so they could then quickly intubate her with a breathing tube. The whole thing lasted about a minute, they said, but the doctor and nurses were a shaken up when they came out to tell me. They called it Maggie "misbehaving" but it was very serious and such a reminder of how serious anesthesia can be, especially for these small babies with lung issues. So after that, I had to wait three hours not knowing what to expect when they took her off anesthesia.

Thankfully she came out just fine, but cried for two hours and started coughing up blood where they had scratched her throat during the emergency intubation. And her nurse told me she is probably really sore not just from her neck being forced to stay straight during two hours of MRI scans, but also the way they manipulate her neck during the intubation probably hurt her. We got home after eight hours at the hospital and she cried for four hours until finally she fell asleep.

Honestly, I feel like I just went through one of the hardest days of my life. But then I realize that we haven't even heard the results yet. I honestly hope we don't hear for a little while- I need a few days to recover from today...


  1. wow....what a day for you and sweet little Maggie....just wish i lived close and could help you and give you a big hug...praying for you and your precious family


  2. Lee, there really just are no words...EVER!! I am praying for your sweet girl and the results. You are so do you do it?!! I feel like I have a nervous break down every night and I'm not watching my baby suffer. She has such an amazing momma and dadda!!