Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Mom

Just wanted to give a shout out to my sweet husband who's been playing the part of Mr. Mom lately. My mom went home last week so Justin had Mary Lawrence all to himself for the longest period so far. I didn't mind that every time he brought her to visit me her clothes didn't match or her hair was hanging in her face (he doesn't know how to put a bow in). Nor did I get upset when he showed up one afternoon and Mary Lawrence was donning this year's Christmas play outfit (he hadn't noticed there was a large Christmas tree on her t-shirt). Instead I just laughed. I could tell he was trying so hard and that's what mattered.

Every night this past week they picked up dinner and we all ate as a family in this tiny hospital room. Mary Lawrence makes herself right at home and plays with everything she's probably not supposed to in this room. It was a good week although he was relieved to have my mom return. I think all husbands should have a week or so by themselves with their children as last night he said he never before had appreciated what I do every day as a mother. So sweet.

Anyways, I thought this was be a good time to post this video. It's funny if you can hear Justin and me talking in the background (you have to turn the volume up loud). The video is entitled "Bacon" and it is Justin recounting to me what he fed Mary Lawrence for breakfast one morning.


  1. She is PRECIOUS! LOVE her age! It is my favorite! What a blessing to have Justin do what he needed to do. I know, although this is terrible to be going through, that God is using it to bring you guys so close. You probably have a better marriage than most people our age. That's a huge blessing. Praying for you guys and sweet Maggie. Thanks for showing us ML! She is super cute!I loved when she said, "delicious!"

  2. I am laughing so hard right now....9 pieces of bacon!!! HILARIOUS!! When I am not around, Chris feed Eliana non-stop popcorn and airheads. Praying for you so much!!


  3. That was adorable, I had to show a few co-workers. I also loved her delicious comment.