Thursday, October 22, 2009

Simple and Specific

"Pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8

Last year my sweet Bible Study leader gave our young mother's group a great tip that really stuck with me. She said when she had little ones at home she had to find new and creative ways to pray since she didn't get much alone time.  For example, while sweeping the kitchen floor she would pray, "Lord, please help me sweep out the bad habits in my life." Or when she was ironing she would pray, "Lord, iron out all these wrinkles and problems I'm dealing with right now." And she would expand from there.

I am sure other moms are like me in that sometimes my brain is like mush and my prayers are often generic, so I thought this was a great way to get my mind on specific things to pray about. Well since I have been on bed rest I have tweaked this little tip to pray simple prayers for Maggie.  So whatever I am doing or thinking about I pray with Maggie in mind. Here are some examples:

- When our A/C went out at home for a week in the middle of August I had to move to our guest room (which is to be Maggie's room) where we have a ceiling fan. The whole time I was in there I prayed that one day we would have a healthy sleeping baby in that room.

-When I left our house for the last time to go to the hospital, I prayed that when I returned it would be with Maggie.

-When I checked into the hospital and was admitted to Labor and Delivery, I burst into tears at the sight of the newborn station in the room where they take the baby to clean her off and monitor her vital signs after she is born. I prayed that Maggie would be healthy enough to be treated as a normal newborn in that area.

-When my friend brought her baby girl by to see me, I prayed diligently that Maggie would be able to grow up alongside her.

-I got my first Christmas magazine today (I mean, really, it's October) but it made me think about this Christmas and I prayed that it will be a joyful one because we will be celebrating the birth of Maggie.

-Every time I look at my framed photos of Mary Lawrence I pray that Maggie will be able to run and laugh and play with her older sister.

-As I knitted a baby hat for Maggie, I prayed that a vibrant baby girl would be able to wear it.

I know it might seem a little silly but I find that instead of getting down or discouraged about some of these things - like when I receive a birth announcement in the mail -  it's better to turn them around and pray about them. These prayers for simple things, things I used to take for granted, are what are filling my heart right now. And I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a loving God who wants to hear these simple prayers and promises to answer them according to His sovereign plan.

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  1. Dear Lee, you do not know me but I live in Memphis. A friend asked me to be praying for you and Maggie and she sent me the link to your blog. I have been reading it to see how I could be praying more effectively for you both. I was so excited to see the news that you have made it to week 27. God is so wonderful! Susan Isbell