Friday, October 23, 2009

Sonogram Update

Just had a sono and there is half as much fluid as Tuesday. I am trying not to be discouraged but it's hard. I just want everything to be positive all the time!

I have been losing a lot of fluid this week so it makes sense. Maggie is still breech so we need to pray that she flips again and keeps all that fluid in there.

I am thankful that there is some fluid and also that I have stopped bleeding. It's Friday and for some reason I get so nervous as the weekends come. Every time I've had a crisis it's been at night during the weekend when my dr. is not on call. I just pray that the next 4 days are calm and uneventful so I can easily get to 28 weeks!

One more concern: several times this week Maggie has compressed or grabbed her umbilical cord and her heart rate drops. The nurses run in here and turn me on my side and it goes back up but it's very scary. Because of the low fluid it's very easy for her cord to get compressed. And her current position is making it worse. Please pray that more fluid returns and that she doesn't have any problems with her cord.

All week I've been praying for Maggie's little lungs. I just imagine them strong and vibrant and I just picture the day when she is delivered and we hear her beautiful cry. What a moment that will be!

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