Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prayer Request

We had another rough night last night. It seems to be happening more often and every time I get so scared. Please pray that my bleeding will stop. It seems to be only happening at night when there are only residents here. They come rushing in, wanting to do all these tests, some of which we know pose an infection risk to the baby. So I feel like I have to fight them off (because I know from my dr. that some things they shouldn't do unless absolutely necessary). Then they hook me up to the monitor, do all these blood tests, and I wait for hours - not knowing what is going to happen. I am so tired because I obviously don't sleep at night. If things would stabilize for a while I could sleep and regain some strength, which I know has to be beneficial for Maggie. Pray that my body will heal, stop bleeding, and be able to keep Maggie safe and healthy for a lot longer- our goal is 34-35 weeks. Thank you so much for praying.


  1. Oh Lee, I am just hurting for you right now! I just got caught up from this past week....and you are just on a roller coaster. You are seriously SO BRAVE and SO need to hear that!!! I would be crying every second of the day. Maggie has an amazing momma. Know that I am praying for you constantly!


  2. Our prayers go out to you. We discovered a website that might help. Please check out Hope it helps. God bless.